iPhone6s ringtone resets

I assigned individual ringtones/text tones for several contacts, but am having a problem that they will all get reset to the default ringtone every few weeks/months.  I am only using iPhone's included ringtones (I've never purchased ones).  Whenever this happens, other presets are also erased (e.g., when I use Siri to call my husband, it will ask which number to call as opposed to assuming I would call his mobile number like usual).  Nothing else gets erased.  This seems to happen mostly overnight (it will be working fine when I go to bed and be messed up in the morning).  It doesn't matter what OS I'm using (I'm currently iOS 10.0.2, but it happened on iOS 8 and 9 too).

Any help on how to fix???


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Re: iPhone6s ringtone resets
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Wow, this defin itely sounds like an odd situation going on with your phone. Rest assure, we will get this resolved for you. Have you tried to reset your network or all settings http://vz.to/2bz9gK5

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