iphone 7 trade in gift card?

I'm a bit nervous and/or confused about the iphone7 trade-in program hopefully someone can chime in..   

Went to best buy and got new iphone 7's for the wife and myself the first week they came out. BB guy said to go onto verizon site and enter a promo code to initiate the trade-in as soon as I got home. I tried that but would not work as it showed our new iphone 7's already activated. Had to call verizon on two separate occasions to get them to send me a trade-in box, once for each phone. 

First box came and it was an actual box, with a label, etc.   Shipped it out and got a notice they received it.   The 2nd box for my wife's phone came, and well, it wasn't a box but merely a padded envelope with a printed-out shipping label. I had to find a box and tape the label on. Seemed sketchy but assumed maybe they ran out of boxes.  Well its been a few weeks now, no message about my wife's phone being received.

Now today I received two emails about the first trade-in (my phone) and it says there sending me a gift card? for only $220?!   This seems super sketchy now. They said it would be a bill credit applied to my account after two bill cycles, not a gift card.  What is going on Verizon?

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