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iphone charge for non-activated iphone???

I have an iphone 4 that I can hear callers but they cannot hear me unless I put on speaker phone .   Verizon sent me another iphone but I have text messages, photos and videos that the Apple store has been unable to transfer to my iphone account. I have NEVER activated the NEW iphone, I am still using the annoying one that does not work, all of a sudden there is a $650 CHARGE ON MY BILL. I have sent several emails to customer support and NO response.  Has anyone encountered this situation? What is the policy on this? Thanx

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Re: iphone charge for non-activated iphone???


Verizon is notorious for these types of games.  I had a similar issue where they said no charges are imposed until 30 days after activation but still charged us.  Here is how to proceed:  If you are not receiving any replies file complaints:

1) is a great site and you will notice there are Several complaints against verizon wireless here.  You will hear from other disgruntled viewers and eventually verizon

2)  = there are plenty of other complaints here as well

3) - you can file your complaint online.

4) State Attorney general office- Each state is different so just google it for your state - deals with contract disputes.

Verizonwireless customer service is terrible..  Always has been and always will be.   Billing dept is greedy and not helpful!  Good luck

Re: iphone charge for non-activated iphone???

If you haven't returned your old phone, VZW will charge you for the new phone. Am I missing something here? I don't think that you thought that VZW would send you a free phone and not expect the old one back.

Re: iphone charge for non-activated iphone???

As mentioned, if you did not return either the defective phone or the replacement sent to you within the allotted time (around 10 days I believe) then yes, you were charged for the full retail value of the device. You can't keep the replacement just because you didn't activate it. If you decided you would rather keep your defective device because you couldn't figure out how to back up your info (photos, text messages, and videos can be backed up by you on your computer and then added to the replacement device by restoring it with that backup. This info is available in the User Manual for the iPhone 4/4s that can be viewed via the Apple website) then you needed to return the replacement device. Otherwise, you elected to keep both devices and were rightfully charged for the 2nd device. This info would have also been included in the paperwork sent with the replacement device (instructing you on how much time you had to return the device). Also, normally when a rep tells you they are sending you a replacement device they will advise you that the defective one (or if you opt not to keep it, the one they sent you) must be returned using the return label included to avoid charges.

Not sure if you can convince them to reverse the charges if you kept the device past the allotted time but if you can then you need to decide if you want to continue using your defective device or if you want to use the replacement. Read the information about backing up and restoring iPhones in the manual or on the Apple website. This will help you if the only issue was you being able to transfer your items.