no signal, unhappy with response from rep!

I purchased my iphone 4 last June.  From day 1 I've experienced no to weak signal.  I called Verizon to troubleshoot 2 times within the first month of owning the phone.  well it's now March and my cell still has no to weak signal. I had to call 911 last month for my sister and the operator had a hard time hearing me. I called Verizon again this evening and was told I could send the phone back to possibly replace it under the 1 year warranty but if they deem that I damaged the phone then I'll be charged! I haven't damaged the phone, this phone hasn't had a signal since day 1, but I'm afraid they'll try to charge me! I've also paid $10 a month for the insurance that's supposed to cover any kind of situation. Well, just found out I have a $160 deductible! so I canceled the insurance. The Verizon rep also told me that Iphones tend to have weak signals. I have been a Verizon customer for 10 years and I am done with them.  I am calling to speak to a supervisor on Monday.  SO BEWARE ANY POSSIBLE IPHONE BUYERS AND BEWARE OF VERIZON!  ALSO MY 3G SIGNAL IS SLOW AS ALL GET OUT!

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Re: no signal, unhappy with response from rep!
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So why are you concerned they would charge you? Has something happened to the phone that they may contrue as damage? If you are honestly worried that they would add a charge for the phone being damaged then just go into a corporate store first and have a rep there notate your account that the phone was checked and was in good condition. Despite what people seem to sometimes think, VZW is not out to cheat and steal money from people. My suggestion is to go ahead and get the phone troubleshot, if the connection doesn't improve get a replacement and see the tech support team can run some tests on the towers you're picking up service from.