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normal for iphone 4 to get warm?

When charging my iphone or using it for a short period of time the phone gets really hot, i dont know if that is normal or what. please help me out!!!

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Re: normal for iphone 4 to get warm?

Lena When you say your Iphone is doing this is the Device off an Charging, Charging an your using it say like Browsing? Give me a Little Explanation we'll see what we can Do.. b33

Lena give these Links a Look to See if they can Help the one on Top is the Iphone Help Center  the Next one Down is the Online Manual.. just Tap left Click on the Blue

Re: normal for iphone 4 to get warm?

It turns on when your chargeing to I think. Mine gets very hit when not even doing anything i called apple

Once and they sent a text to it to and it sent back diagnostic back to figure out if the temp gets to hot as well as if the battery has issues. You have to be on a different phone.

Re: normal for iphone 4 to get warm?

if you use it a lot it will get hot.  charging it and having it not turned off, using it while plugged into charger will make it hot too.  you might have spyware on your phone.  or a lot of applications running in background you don't need running.  you should go through and turn off "apps" you don't use or hardly use..   If that doesn't help you cool things down a bit you should just go into your apple store and have them check it out for you