order "completed" but not really...

place an order on sept 24 for a 16gb space grey. it said shipping by 10/21

today i get an email that my phone order was "completed". you would think that means there's a tracking number right?

wrong.  apparently to verizon "completed" has an entirely different meaning than it does to the rest of the world.

verizon must have confused "completed" and "delayed" because now my shipping estimate is now pushed back until 10/28.

i'm a corporate customer and had to order it online via our company site which then routes through Verizon's Business & Government Customer Operations, so i chose what was allegedly going to be the fastest one to ship as i need this phone for work as my current 4S is not working. Had I been able to avoid the corporate red tape, i would have gladly walked into a store and purchased. unfortunately due to corporate policies governing tracking, approvals etc I had to use my company's site.

regardless, i think verizon's customer service should put a little more thought into how they word their communications.  Completed to a customer means that the phone is in their hands. "Delayed" means its going to take longer than initially promised. 

also, i think Verizon needs to look at is supply chain / forecasting model for estimating delivery dates (or let the customers know that the delay rests solely on apple's shoulders). a little transparency onto the order status and timing would be appreciated by the customer as well.

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