poor pre-paid coverage- now I can't make a call while roaming

I'm currently using the pre-paid service and it's terrible.  First issue is up to a month ago the only way I could make a phone call while roaming was to enter the number then a recording would come on telling me to re-enter the 10 digit phone number- then it would ring through.  So effectively I had to dial the number twice and know the number so I could re-enter it a second time.  Who remembers numbers these days:)  I went on an extended trip in which I didn't use my phone and upon return when I try to dial a number while roaming I get a recording telling me the number is the number is not in service.  So I have a phone that I can only use in a Verizon service area, what's the deal?  Thanks in advance.

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Re: poor pre-paid coverage- now I can't make a call while roaming
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