poor to no reception on commuting

we recently switched to Verizon as our previous carrier had poor reception in our town and poor (50%) coverage during my morning commute.

So far I am happier with Verizon service in my town, though i still have issues*. But what the real issue is, as I take a train from Essex County NJ to Penn Station NY, most mornings I can not connect while on the train. If by chance I happen to get service while waiting at the station, i lose it during my ride, never to successfully establish service again. Sometimes on my way home, i can get service while underground in Penn Station and through the tunnel (something I never had with my previous carrier), but once i lose connection, I can never establish service again. My train line runs through well populated towns including Newark, but no service- bars are full and LTE is on. I am beceoming quite frustrated as I like to check email and do various things while commuiting in. I'd consider getting a hotspot plan if i found this reliable

*also while in town, my wife and I can be sitting at the same cafe downtonw, and she has service while I do not. I end up restarting my phone. Otherwise service is strong when i can get it

so far I have had my SIM card exchanged, but it did no good. 

Can someone suggest something please?!

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