"Delivery Date" changed to "Shipping Date
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Hey everyone. I pre-ordered my iPhone 7+ 128G Jet Black at 3:29am EST. When I ordered my phone on the website as well as in the email I was quoted 10/05 for my delivery date. First of all, I don't see a lot of people here with that date. But earlier today I checked my order status and under the 7+ the wording changed from "Delivery By" to "Shipping Date" but it still says 10/05. Thats so weird that it would just change like that. I hope I'm not going to be waiting. I know it got Jet Black but this is crazy. Also, Verizon placed a $0 hold on my account when I pre-ordered, however it just went away the other day, so I'm not sure what that means. It still just says "processing".

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Re: "Delivery Date" changed to "Shipping Date

I noticed they changed the wording too - Delivery was changed to "Ship Date" - my date stayed the same though.