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I purchased a refurbished phone earlier this month. I was told at the Verizon store that they would not send refurbished phones out with old batteries. However, my battery is not a new one. It says it has 84% battery life on a full charge. That is disappointing to me since I believed it would have a new battery. Worse, is the fact that this supposed 84% depletes wayyyyyy faster than my other 5 year old phone. It was on 40+% when I went to bed and although it was off, it would not turn on in the morning due to a depleted battery. I plugged it in and it took forever to turn on although it was plugged in. When it finally turned on, I played a few games which turned off mid game about 10 times... just dropped in the middle of a game over and over again. I have to keep it on low power mode at all times. This is not what I was expecting on an upgrade. I realize it is an older phone than the $1000+ phones they are selling now but this level is all I need. I just make a few calls, text family, and play games. I expected more and I am very disappointed in this purchase. Can somebody help me?

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Re: refurbished phone

did you buy this phone from verizon or some other source? other source, you're stuck with it.

a refurbed phone was a problem for someone else.