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text i send are not recieved by one person

I can call and receive calls from someone on a different network and I can receive text from this person.  However, when I send them a text they do not go through.  I have no issues sending text to other users, only to this one person.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: text i send are not recieved by one person
Customer Support

AlwaysUp, it sounds like a mystery to us too! Let's take a closer look into this. Are you currently subscribing to the Family Base feature? The Family Base feature allows you to block outgoing text messages to certain phone numbers

Have you blocked this phone number in the contacts on your device? You can do this by tapping the Phone icon>Contacts>Block this Caller.

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Re: text i send are not recieved by one person

Is the device you're communicating with an Apple device?  If so, ensure that their iMessage is turned ON in Settings-Messages-iMessage.  Be sure that the 'Send & Receive' option includes your current phone number for iMessage (it's possible that they're using their AppleID, in which case your messages won't deliver, since you're most likely texting a phone number).

Second - be sure that Cellular Data is turned ON.  Otherwise, all data is restricted unless you're connected to Wi-Fi.  This includes texts - SMS, MMS and iMessage.

Third - and this part is very important (and don't ask me why, but it works this way)..

* Open your Text Messages

* Under every Contact, check to see if the 'Undelivered' notification is there - it's a red exclamation point inside a            circle.  If it's there, hold your finger on it until the screen gives you the option to 'Try Again' or 'Delete'.  DELETE all messages to all Contacts with these notification symbols.

Then try sending another text or iMessage.  For some reason, if there's ONE undelivered text / iMessage, the iPhone refuses to send/receive as it should.

I hope this helps.