transferring photos from water damaged iphone 4s

Used asurion insurance and just received my new iPhone. I didn't have my photos synced to iCloud and don't think I have backup assistance? Is there any hope in getting my contacts/photos/music/anything off my old iPhone that won't even turn on?! I'm waiting to activate the new one until I find this out!! Please help!!

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Re: transferring photos from water damaged iphone 4s
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Have you ever created a backup using iTunes or allowed iCloud to do your backups OTA? If so then your backup MAY have your photos, contacts...but your music is lost if it isn't in iTunes on a computer although almost all of the iTunes purchases you may have made (music, apps, movies) would be available for you to re-download from iCloud for free. Otherwise you may have lost everything. Look at the iPhone 4s user manual (via the ) or search the support articles to get more detailed info in regards to how to transfer data to a new device.