upgraded to 5S via iPad upgrade
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I have 2 iPhone 5's and 2 iPad's on my Shared Plan.  The iPhones are not eligible for upgrade til September '14.  The morning the iPhone 5S went on sale I jumped on Verizone online and was able to use the upgrade link from one of my iPads to purchase the 5S at the discounted upgrade price ($399).  The phone has been shipped to me. 

In My Verizon it still shows that I have the 2 iPhone 5's and the 2 iPad's.  However, the iPad that I used to upgrade now shows a 2 yr contract.  When I activate the 5S phone (which came with a SIM card with the iPad phone number) can I port one of the iPhone 5's phone numbers to the 5S? Or, when I activate the 5S will I now have 3 iPhones on my plan (@ $40/each/month)? is there any way to keep just two phones on the plan?


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Re: upgraded to 5S via iPad upgrade
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You shouldn't have been able to do that. http://news.verizonwireless.com/news/2013/04/verizon-wireless-upgrade-statement.html

Before starting the process, turn off the ipad associated with the line you used for the upgrade. You need to activate the iphone 5s on the ipad line to accept the terms and conditions of the contract.  Then you can shut off the iphone 5s and remove the remove SIM card.  You will need to reactivate the ipad back on that line.  Then you can transfer the SIM card from the iphone 5 that you want to replace into the phone 5s.

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