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voicemail storage and call blocking on iphone 8

Trying to get a straight answer to a simple question - over the past 6 months I've gotten into the habit of using the internal call blocking feature on my iPhone 8 to block calls from spammers.  When I get a spam call I go to the "Recent Calls" feature and I assign a "block caller" to the number and it adds the caller number to the blocked call list on the iPhone.  I now have a VERY long list of blocked spam callers, probably well over 100.  However, at the same time, I'm getting frequent notices that my voice mailbox is full even though I am only storing about 8-10 relatively brief voice mails (less than 30 secs each).   NOTE, the spam callers do not leave voice mails, so it's not spam voicemail.  My voicemail box used to hold far more voicemails than it does now.

So here's the question - does the internal call blocking feature on an iPhone take up storage that would otherwise be used for voicemail even when the blocked caller does not leave a voice mail? 

I am not talking about Verizon's separate Caller Name ID feature (which I plan to sign up for but have not done so yet).  I'm trying to understand why my iPhone voicemail seems to fill up very quickly now with far fewer messages than it used to, and the only thing I can think of is that somehow the internal iPhone call blocking feature must "steal" storage from the voicemail to hold the large number of phone numbers I have tagged as blocked.  I was under the impression that my voicemail box is carrier controlled, not internal storage on the iPhone but now I'm not so sure.

I've searched on this site and on the Apple support site and I am finding conflicting answers.  Does anyone know the "correct" answer?



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Re: voicemail storage and call blocking on iphone 8
Customer Support

R V, we can certainly understand the concern with your Voice Mailbox showing as full when messages are not being left. If a number calls and it goes to voicemail, it can still generate a message, even if only for a couple seconds. To clarify, if you call your voicemail, is the inbox saying it is empty or are there messages pending after a spam caller has called?



Re: voicemail storage and call blocking on iphone 8
Customer Support

Hello, rosv18. I am sorry for the conflicting information and you are correct that Voicemail is a Verizon feature and it's completely separate from the Apple iPhone call blocking feature. After doing extensive research, we discovered that although you may only have a few messages saved, every time you block a call, the Apple iPhone is formatted to send that call straight to voicemail. That is saved in the Deleted message folder. If you tap on the voicemail icon on the lower right, you will see a list of all the voicemails you have had going back possibly a few years (like mine does). At the top right you should see "edit." Once you begin deleting those call records, it will free up the storage that each call on your list is using. Even though the spammers don't leave voicemail messages, they may hang up after the beep and the voicemail has recorded a few moments of silence. Those few seconds of recording space has used a technical "minute" because that is the smallest measurement of time that the system uses to define and preserve a voicemail recording. After some time, they tend to add up. You will need to remove most of the unknown numbers that date back over six months or more. If for any reason this doesn't help, we will need to take a closer look at your Verizon voicemail box in detail. 



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