voicemailbox full, even though messages deleted

When people try to leave a voicemail, they are told my VM box is full. I called in to VM using *86, and can't delete any from there. Took phone to verizon, we tried switching SIM cards, no luck. There is nowhere to delete VMs on visual VM - it says "No Voicemail". The Verizon tech said it might be "linked to my phone number" and suggested I change numbers, which I don't want to do. Backed it up, wiped it clean, restored it - still no luck. HELP!!

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Re: voicemailbox full, even though messages deleted
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I would be lost without my voicemail so I can certainly understand how you are feeling. When was the last time you could check voicemail? Have you added any new apps? What device make/model do you have?
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