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zero bars for five days running

following is the original post I placed on the community support board:

ever since the last security upgrade from Apple I have gotten no bars at

work... previously I had 2-3 bars on average. maybe not related to the

security upgrade, but seems a high coincidence. phone works fine in other

locations, just this one spot now is a dead zone.

I was unable to log back in to the community support board to reply.

The first customer service rep asked if I have cycled power on the phone.

Yes, I have.

The rep also asked if the outage was in multiple locations or just that

one. The answer is it is only at that one spot.

My primary question/concern is that I have previously had adequate coverage

at that spot. Also, there are many times that I will have 3 bars and then

without moving at all, not moving the phone or moving myself or moving

anything around the phone, all of a sudden it drops to zero bars and stays


This problem started immediately after I upgraded the software a few weeks

ago. Before that, I had no coverage problems at work and the network didn't

drop off without notice.

I use my 3G connection exclusively at work because wifi is not available.

Please provide any advice on how I can improve the reception on my phone.

Thank you.

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