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Software Updates ??? Data Charges ???

Does VZW charge for DATA to download phone Software (firmware) updates?

Phone is telling me "Data charges may apply"

I do not have a DATA plan,  $1.99 per MB

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Re: Software Updates ??? Data Charges ???
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Hi jimseverson:

This is a great question! I did a lot of digging, and I have an answer. Our data charges do not apply to over-the-air software updates on basic phones. They do require a data connection to complete the software update, but the data utilized is not billable. If you find otherwise, please feel free to DM me with your name and number. I'd be happy to look into it.



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Re: Software Updates ??? Data Charges ???

I recently had my Motorola 4G Droid replaced after it was damaged. After activating the new phone, I received a message about a software update that said, "Your RAZR has been updated with Android 4.0 software". After the update I lost all my emails and contacts that had just been synced to my new phone the day before. I am not a techy by any stretch of the imagination, and have had at least five Verizon Wireless devices over the years, and want to know why the software cannot be update before the device is activated? I had to go to a Verizon Wireless franchise/dealer (Millennium Communications, 1660 Bethlehem Pike, Flourtown, Pa. 19031) where Bob was of great assistance in getting my emails and contacts restored. It took Bob 45 minutes to do this and he is very conversant with all the Verizon Wireless devices and services. It would have taken incalculably longer for me to to resolve the issue. During the time Bob was assisting me as a "good neighbor" he was unable to make sales during that period and I was unable to fulfill multiple business contacts I had scheduled for that day. 

This entire charade seems so unnecessary: Why have a practice that updates software after a device has been activated, only to have all recently transferred emails and contacts erased? This is the antithesis of good customer PR/Service/Customer Support in my opinion. Shame on Verizon Wireless for putting me and Bob through this.

Jerry Quill 

Re: Software Updates ??? Data Charges ???
Customer Support


The reason the phone came with standard software preinstalled is because that particular update had just been released, and was probably not available to be installed yet through the channel that shipped out your Droid. In all honesty, software updates rarely have that affect on devices, in the manner that you described. This may happen, but that is definitely not the norm, as your phone takes steps to back up that data for you.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us and the community, if you have any questions!

Thank you,

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