Cannot redeem FIOS Gigabit $200 Gift card
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As per the other hundreds of customers who reported the same issue on this forum, the redemption of the contractually promised sign-up bonus ($200 Verizon Gift Card) is not working on the My Verizon Dashboard. The numerous forum posts over the last 3+ years highlight a clear pattern that this 'bug' has been deliberately neglected. What's even more hilarious is that the various reward pages source code shows that it's basically hardcoded for you to get the various error messages. It doesn't even attempt to genuinely resolve the request.

I have no appetite to waste 5+ hours on calls with Verizon representatives repeating the same canned responses that everyone here will get attempting to dissuade you from pursuing what you are owed.

For my fellow Verizon customers this is what you'll experience: 

You will receive the email stating that you are within the redemption period for the gift card and that it's accessible via the My Verizon dashboard. Upon signing into My Verizon and clicking the "Redeem Now - Get Started" link on the gift card tile, the website will either flash/loop and return you back to the homepage, or it will display the following landing page everyone gets:

"Please note that if your service was installed within the last 24-48 hours, our system may not yet be updated with your new account information. Please wait 24-48 hours, then log back into My Verizon and click on the "Fios Welcome Bonus" link to complete the registration of your card or check your card shipping status.

If you feel you have received this message in error, please contact us at 1.800.837.4966"

You'll wait 24-48 hours assuming maybe it just takes time for the system to catch up -- this is mostly ingenuine. Nothing will be fixed after that period of time. You will call Verizon, and get hit with the classic:

  • "The problem will be resolved soon! We're on it!"
  • "There's nothing we can do. Some other mythical Verizon rep handles these requests! Call again!"
  • "It's working for us? Maybe it's your browser? User error?"

Good luck guys and gals, you are squarely behind the 8-ball.

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Hi DCHoosier,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please check your Private Messenger Inbox for a message from a Verizon Support agent. You can find your Inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page and then clicking the envelope icon that appears at the top of the menu. Response times may vary. Please continue to check your Inbox for a reply from a Verizon agent. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.