Re: Bad-Customer-Services
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I have yet to deal with an actual customer service rep - mostly because I can't actually get one on the phone.  Never thought I'd say this, but I actually miss dealing with Comcast customer service... and that's saying something.

Verizon really needs to either rethink or completely scrap it's IVR.  I've never been outright hung up on by an IVR before, or transferred straight to a fast busy.  Don't the execs at Verizon call into their own IVR from time to time just to see what their customers experience?

My question was simply one about billing.  Our very first FIOS bill was due and my wife accidentally sent it to Verizon Wireless (our mistake, admittedly).  So, I wanted to see if anything could be done with that payment or whether we could bundle the services for savings.  Tried calling after 6pm, apparently the billing inquiries department is closed... yep, seriously.  But rather than just saying that the first time, the IVR transferred me to a fast busy.  Then, later, after multiple attempts, it just outright hung up on me when I would dial back in.  Eventually, I got the message that the queue was closed. 

Never had that happen with Comcast as a customer for more than 10 years.  I work in IT in the health care industry and work with a large call center.  If our IVR operated like that, heads would roll.  I don't mind hold times or even the occasional incompetent CSR, but I should always be able to speak to a live person and whoever runs this IVR should realize that you can't pigeon hole every customer service call - there should be some kind of safety net rather than just drop a customer entirely.

Not sure how long I have before I can cancel my contract without penalty, but I have to tell you - this angers me enough that I'm thinking of switching back.