Billing is out of control
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It is now my belief that HAL-9000 is in control of billing.

Starting in April, when I thought the other issues I had with my account after moving were resolved, I have called re. a $124.01 carried over charge from April to May with no explanation of what the charges were for. When I called I went through the ritual of the person that answered, the supervisor, and at least one other department from who knows where and no one could explain the extra billing and each time I was told my account would be credited for the $124.01. Here it is August and again the "Balance Forward" amount from April is still there. Now in addition to the balance forward issue the charge for the Internet security suite is multiplying like rabbits. I purchased a new computer and had already signed up for the security suite at $5.99 per month for up to 3 computers. I followed the online instructions to install security suite on the new computer in June and in July I received a warning that the computer was unprotected and needed to re install the software. I did so following the online instructions and everything seemed OK. I received the warning message twice more and followed the instructions each time and on this bill it appears that I am being charged each time the software is reloaded. I should only be billed for the $5.99 for the two computers not the $23.96 shown on the bill. I'm not sure if this looks more like some sort of software application error or outright fraud when your double, triple, or quadruple charged for the same service and there is nothing in place to monitor if a service is already installed unless the customer catches it on the bill. This same thing happened in the past on the one computer and took three months to resolve correctly.

I am fed up with spending hours on the phone every month with billing and being told the issues would be resolved only to see them again on the next billing cycle. Even now looking up at the "Weatherbug" the system still recognizes my account tied to the Oxnard address and moved from there in November. I know I'm still under the bundle contract time limits but I'm pretty sure that it wouldn't be to hard to convince the PUC that Verizon has not lived up to it's part of the contract and right now I would really like to look for a provider that has control of it's products.

Re: Billing is out of control
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We are sorry for the inconvenience.  This requires an agent that can review your account details. 

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