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Cancelled my paid up account

This morning when I turned on my TV, I discovered a message that said to call a number and input code 8803.  I tried to use my phone to call that number but had no phone service.  I then borrowed a cell phone to call that number and ended up in billing where the gentleman said that there was not a problem as my bill had been paid in full on 3/22/2012.  He transferred me to tech support and the gentleman there could not pull up my account and sent me back to billing.  After a 15 minute wait for billing to answer, I gave up and have started the process to change my TV and phone to Time Warner.  This is after 6 plus years with FIOS.  In addition I opened my email to find that my DVR price was being increased from $12.99 to $16.99.  After 6 years of paying $12.99 a month, I figure that the boxes are more than paid for so this is a ludicrous increase in the rental fee.  So you don’t have to get out your calculator, that is $935 per box that I have paid.

In researching this issue, I logged in to my residential account using my business internet service and discovered the following message;


Service & Product Activity

VASIP was removed on 3/26/2012.

This change may take up to 60 days to reflect on your bill.

TV was removed on 3/26/2012.

This change may take up to 60 days to reflect on your bill.

HBO/Cinemax/Showtime Starz Entertainment Pack NY/NJ was added on 5/11/2011 and removed on 3/26/2012.

Video Equipment Return Fees

Equipment was removed on 3/26/2012.

An equipment return fee will be charged if Verizon does not receive the equipment by 4/25/2012.

In other words, for some unknown reason, Verizon cancelled my paid in full account.  It seems that they do not want my service.  I did finally get some help by calling various public numbers in NYC but only as far as they are researching the issue.  I am still without my phone service and am getting ready to contact the TX PUC on that matter.

As far as Time Warner Cable goes, I can save $40 a month by going with them for my TV service and that includes all but one channel that I do not watch anyway.  I am not sure what I will do with my phone at this time but I am tempted to drop Verizon for that as well.

I am giving Verizon 24 hours to come up with a solution on the service and pricing issue.  If it is not resolved to my satisfaction, I will be leaving Verizon for my phone and TV service.

Re: Cancelled my paid up account

We've always had a good experience by visiting our Verizon store for issues like this.

They have always been very supportive and helpful.

Good luck!