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Changing an order for new service
Enthusiast - Level 1


I signed up for new service beginning in a month at our new home, and would like to change my order. Specifically, I added a land-line phone figuring "what the heck, it's the same price either way." Then I noticed the fine print that says it's a "discounted" bundle price and will go up in a year. We never use a land-line so I want to skip it and just get Fios internet. One less thing to deal with. When I try to change the order (which it says I can do), the phone option is grayed out so I can't get rid of it.

I also noticed that a $99 setup fee seems to have been added to my order, which was supposed to be waived. The fee was not there in the original order confirmation email.

When I try to change the order, it wants to issue a temporary PIN by sending a text or voicemail to the new phone line (which won't be available for a month, and which I'm trying to get rid of) or by postal mail, also to the new address, where I won't be for a month. I have verified my email address, and tried several times to verify my mobile number. Each time I text the ZIP code back, it says my mobile # has been successfully verified, but the website does not reflect this and continues to prompt me to verify my mobile #.

I find it hard to believe that the online system seems to be so ineffective. I don't want to sit on hold, waiting to talk to someone to fix this. Is there an efficient way to fix my account/order issues?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Changing an order for new service
Super User
Super User

Unfortunately probably not. Dealing with verizon business office can be a headache. I would say calling in is probably what you have to do. But changing a pending order with verizon always seems to make it worse. I would say your best bet is to cancel the whole order and ser it up again online because usually the set fee will be waived if the order is done online. Other than that you will have to call up. Good luck. 

Re: Changing an order for new service
Enthusiast - Level 1

Yeah I was afraid that might be the case. Thanks for the input.

I did a support chat last night, in which they assured me that they double checked my order, that there was no setup charge and that I didn’t need to worry about it. As for the rest of the issues, they said wait for service to become active and then I can make changes and all will be hunky-dory. The guy even hinted that keeping the phone for a year would be a good idea since it gives me something to “give up” when they raise the price after 12 months.

Looks like I would also have to call in if I want to cancel, though it is a different phone number so maybe it would be a better experience.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? What did you do? Call in, cancel and start over? Wait it out? I agree that calling to cancel is probably the cleanest solution with the fewest chances for further screw-ups.

My only fear with cancelling and starting over is that when I cancel, my info might still be in their system and it won’t let me make a new account, so I won’t be able to get service at all. (Which, given the experience so far, maybe Optimum is a better idea... but they don’t offer the speed I want) Edg1, when you cancelled and started over, how long did you have to wait before doing a new order?

Thanks for helping me decide what to do.

Re: Changing an order for new service

In situations with that fine print you have to realize after the year ends as you noted the pricing raises the whole package. The most fees are from having tv and telephone versus no taxes etc. for internet only. The $99 fee is usually waived if you do the order online.

you must cancel the whole order BEFORE the install date. Or you will get hit with early termination charges, install fees, taxes and surcharges and sports fees and telephone fees and the list goes on.

your best bet, cancel everything. Then go online as a non contract customer for internet only. Then after your internet is active take a streaming service like DirectTVNOW or Hulu or Sling tv or PSVue tv at $40 a month with no taxes or fees. You save thousands via this route.

you don’t need phone so you save thousands more via not having it. 

Now no install fee saves you $99 so more savings. Since no contract you save on early termination fees. ($350+/-) 

if you use your own router which is superior to the Quantum router you save the $120 rental fee for a router Verizon sell from $100-$150 depending on deals or even cheaper from Amazon.

the savings are fantastic if you think ahead.

Hope it all works out.