Escalations Dept Contact Number Required - Missing $50 billing credit

I need a contact number for the Escalations Dept - a letter sent Jan 7 has still not been acknowledged nor the issue resolved, as of Feb 21 - this is really not acceptable!

Here is the original issue as documented in the letter - attached proof/documentation included in the original letter is not included here as there appears to be no option to include them.

January 7, 2020



Verizon Escalations
290 West Mount Pleasant Avenue,
Livingston, NJ 07039

Sub: Missing $50 Credit from Original Offer
Ref: New Verizon FiOS Account Order number: xxx, dated October 17, 2019

On reviewing a Verizon FiOS mailer, I went to the Verizon FiOS website to review current offers and tried to sign up for a current FiOS online offer on October 17, 2019. The promotion I selected offered a Triple Play with FiOS Gigabit internet at $79.99/month on a 2-year contract and also offered a $250 Visa Card. While trying to set up the order, I kept getting a much higher base number than $79.99 on your website, and in frustration, I called the order number on the mailer, to assist with setting up the service. See attached Screenshot of my cell phone documenting call and call duration on October 17, 2019. Note call times are EST.
As is normal under such circumstances given the technical problems I was facing on the Verizon website in placing the advertised order online, the male agent on the line said he would set it up to match the offer terms of the online offer which was prominently featured on the FiOS website that day.
The agent confirmed the terms of the order: Triple Play with FiOS Gigabit internet at $79.99/mo with taxes and fees as additional costs and a 2-yr contract. He verified that the offer included a $250 Visa Card. My notes of October 17 from the call, notated on the Verizon mailer, specifically confirms the $250 value of the Visa card offer (see attached).
While processing the order, the agent told me that he was running into trouble processing the $250 card, which he told me was because it was an online offer. He said he would set it up as a $200 Visa card which he would be able to do on the spot and provide the remaining $50 credit as a statement credit. Since the Verizon website wasn’t processing correctly for me either, I thought his method of resolution to provide the remaining $50 credit from the online offer as a statement credit was an acceptable one.
After running through the terms of the agreement and assuring me that he had “hard-wired” the $50 statement credit, which he said would be applied to my account after the first billing cycle was complete, the agent then transferred me to a second agent, this time a female agent, who he said would record my authorization and complete the order, after clarifying once again that the $50 statement credit would be automatically applied directly to my account and that a $200 Visa card would be mailed to me after the first billing cycle was complete.
I have since received and activated the $200 Visa card but have yet to see the $50 statement credit.
As will be confirmed from my account above and my attached contemporaneous notes from the call with Verizon on October 17th, the offer I signed up for promised a $250 Visa card. So far, however, Verizon has not provided the full credit promised, as I have yet to receive the remaining $50 credit that completes the terms of the offer under which I agreed to sign up for Verizon. It should be an easy matter for you to verify that on October 17 your website prominently displayed the offer described above offering a $250 visa card.
Since your website currently displays a different offer (with Disney+), I am attached two other forms of proof that confirm that during October 2019 the FiOS offer was for a $250 visa card (Proof 1 from your Verizon FiOS support forum, and Proof 2 from an aggregator deal site on the web that lists the offer I signed up for in detail and links directly to the Verizon FiOS website (it now links to the current FiOS promotions which feature Disney+ offers).
I had been assured on a prior call on Dec 2 (when after addressing the immediate technical support issue I had called about which concerned a problem with my remote, I had being transferred to a billing representative to see why the $50 statement credit had not yet been applied to my account). I am attaching a screenshot from today that records the time and duration of the calls of Dec 2 and today, January 7 (the second incoming call of today, January 7, was initiated as a call back through your automated system when I had called in earlier in the morning as the wait times were too long). On Dec 2, the female agent assured me that the $50 credit was “in the system” and would appear on my next statement, and if by some small chance the credit did not go through, I should call in to follow up.
As it turns out, the next statement issued still does not show the $50 credit. I called this morning January 7, 2020 into your customer support number to follow up on the missing credit. I was told that not only was there was no credit pending but that there was also no record by any of the agents who I had spoken to that there was a $50 statement credit due. I find this both unbelievable and incredibly incompetent that appropriate notations are not being made concerning these customer service interactions. I was told to write to Verizon Escalations, as the agent and her supervisor didn’t have any resolution to offer.
As I make clear above, it did not and does not matter to me if the remaining $50 credit from the original $250 Visa card offer is provided to me as a Visa Card or as a statement credit. I accepted the original account setup agent’s offer to provide the $50 as a statement credit, but that has not been provided as I was assured it would be. I expect Verizon to honor the terms of the original agreement.
Please provide the remaining $50 credit to my account at the earliest.
Thank you

Re: Escalations Dept Contact Number Required - Missing $50 billing credit
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Hi RN1,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please check your Private Messenger inbox for a message from a Verizon support agent. You can find your inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page and then clicking the envelope icon that appears at the top of the menu. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.