Multi Room DVR Issue After Upgrade
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I'm hoping that some one here can help me with an issue that I'm having with my DVR and bill.  I signed up for service back in August under the free Multiroom DVR for life promotion.  When the tech came out to install, he gave me the older silver motorolla box and had stated that he was out of the newer black boxes but that I may be able to get one down the line when/if they became available.  Last month (after finding out that the newer motorolla box was available via a link on my account which would also give me the ability to add an external hard drive), I went ahead and placed an ordered for one to replace the original silver motorolla I was given.

I have since received the bill, and the multi room DVR credit was removed.  After I called customer service I was told that the box I received (Motorolla Box - Model # 7232) is not a multi room DVR and is the reason why I am no longer receiving or entitled to the multiroom DVR credit.  This does not seem to be right to me as I am still able to set programs to record from my standard box and I the box that Verizon shows for the free multi room dvr on their ads looks exactly like the one that I now have.

Can someone please advise if I'm right and if there are any steps that I can take to get the credit back?  Thanks.

Re: Multi Room DVR Issue After Upgrade
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Good Afternoon,

Verizon support is in receipt of this issue. We will send you a PM to gather additional information.


Tonya D.

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Re: Multi Room DVR Issue After Upgrade

Did you get this resolved?  It is the newer model they are offering free for life and you should be receiving it free. 

I've been being told I don't qualify for a free multiroom dvr as an existing customer but still have the old model.  They keep telling me there is a shortage of the new ones.  The HD recording time on the older model is only 20 hrs instead of 60 hrs.  I have been paying for 3 DVRs (one older model multiroom dvr at the same price as the new ones).  If they could replace my old DVR with the new one, I would not have to pay for three of them to maintain the same recording time.  Plus, why am I being charged the same price for a lesser product?

Just wondering if you got this resolved so that I can continue to work with Verizon.  Otherwise, it's back to Cablevision for huge savings over Verizon...