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Payment Reminder Harassment

I have NEVER given Verizon permission to contact me on my CELL PHONE regarding my FIOS service (billing or otherwise) - I don't even have my cell phone number listed in my FIOS account profile! Yet, for some reason, Verizon seems to have it in their head that because I am a Verizon Wireless customer, that gives them the right and free reign to contact me however they please.

NO WAY!!!!

This harassment stops TODAY, otherwise I will file a report with both the FCC and FTC regarding these tactics!!! I never gave permission to be contacted in this manner - I don't have my number listed in my account information, so there is no way for me to even disable this 'feature'!!

I will happily remind you folks that I am also under absolutely NO obligation to stay with you (wireless or FIOS) - my contracts ran out LONG ago, and I've been month to month for years. I use your services at MY pleasure, and I will happily disconnect if it means the end of this nonsense.

I may just be one customer in your bucket of millions - but trust me, I will enjoy plenty of satisfaction in terminating these accounts and walking away from Verizon, for good. FIX THIS, TODAY!

Re: Payment Reminder Harassment

...and by the way - before I'm brushed off with a reminder that 'this forum is for users to help users', I should point out that this is the ONLY form of contacting Verizon that's being given to me at the moment.

 - The 'virtual assistant' is a joke, and I'm not wasting my time.

 - The 'live chat' option was available...   ...until I actually went to use it, at which point it said it was 'not available' and subsequently took that option away from me.

 - The last option given to me was to call Verizon, which is just the type of nonsense I do NOT have the time to do!!!

I honestly have nothing to even TALK ABOUT regarding this manner - there is no 'discussion' to be had. Verizon just needs to REMOVE my cell phone from whatever 'hidden' list of contact options they're using to contact me. And it needs to be removed IMMEDIATELY.