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Rising bills
Enthusiast - Level 1

Why do we continually get our prices hiked. Why are loyal customers penalized constantly. The ads are aimed at new customers Why not reward the loyal ones who have been verizon customers long term. Call verizon and all you get is sorry that pricing does not apply for current customers. Looking for new providers. I am sure I am not alone. Help the loyal ones

Re: Rising bills
Enthusiast - Level 1

Our prices keep rising too.  So much for the price guarantee.  Never had this type of issue with a previous provider.  I agree with you.  It's all about get new customers and the heck with the current ones.  Dont they know that if you dont keep the current ones happy they will go to another provider.  Perhaps they do know they just dont care.  Word is buzzing though about Verizon's inability to keep their current customers happy and eventually they wont be getting their projected new customers that will make up for the current ones leaving them.

Re: Rising bills
Master - Level 1

@jhgfd wrote:

 ... Why are loyal customers penalized constantly ... The ads are aimed at new customers ...

I am no expert on this by any stretch but assuming you are not asking merely a rhetorical question, I will try to respond (last question first).

There is no point in advertising aimed at current customers unless it is used merely to generate good will.  The way one keeps current customers in this or any other business is to provide service and value.  If the customer is not receiving both of these, he or she moves on.  Of course the definition of good service and good value varies all over the map, and that's the hitch.  In my case I find that the Verizon product is significantly better that the competition in my area.  This doesn't mean I don't go after every discount and credit I can find (and that's frankly quite time-consuming), but it does mean that I am willing to spend money for what I want without feeling discomfort.
Why do prices increase?  I can only suggest that this has been the "experience of many men over a long period of time" (as they say in thermodynamics).  If the reverse were true and we experienced deflation, the prospects for the overall economy would be dire.  Take a look at the housing market for one major example.  The reason that new customers see lower initial pricing is that in the longer run, companies can recover the initial costs, be profitable, stay in business, and continue to provide products and services.
BTW I am not suggesting that any of the above is news to you or anyone else, so please don't think I am putting myself up on some sort of pedestal.  However, the original question was asked, so I tried to answer as well as possible.
Re: Rising bills
Enthusiast - Level 1
It is happening to me too. What gives?
Re: Rising bills
Champion - Level 1

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