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Stay far, far away from this company unless you like false promises and never-ending battles.

My original message has been deleted. Posted back in 2015 about a fraudlent report on my credit. Signed up for Verizon service with a promo that included a Visa gift card. Never received the Visa gift card. Bill fluctuated every month and I finally terminated service. Returned all equipment and then received a bill for over $300. Contacted customer service to dispute charges. Bill was changed 3 times and then reported to credit bureaus with a totally different amount. Then I posted on the forum to resolve. Bill was again changed to a different amount. BUT the kicker was now I have a totally different account number. Fast forward to now - still not resolved. I have paid the amount and guess who is on my credit report now? Debt Recovery Solutions. I cannot make this nightmare end. Although I have paid the balance the agents agreed (which I still don't agree with), this remains on my credit and I have not ever received the gift card associated with the promo. This has been reported on my credit by Verizon and Debt Recovery Solutions. I have paid the amount and it is still showing as "Past Due" ... 3 years later. This is not how you treat your customers. This is not customer service and it definitely is not the way to attract or retain customers. Lucky for me I keep screen shots of everything. And I mean everything so all those convos with your agents aren't deleted and my credit card payment is proof that this should have been resolved. In the future, don't offer promos you have no intent of fulfilling and don't bill your customers for services and equipment they do not have. Definitely don't destroy someone's credit just for the fun of it. 

Re: Stay far, far away from this company unless you like false promises and never-ending battles.

Too long to quote.

Debt Recovery Solutions are zombie debt collectors. Verizon did not engage their services. They grep credit reports to see what they can do.

and debt collections agencies are not supposed to post on credit reports unless acting for the creditor. Verizon has in-house collections 

contact the three credit bureaus and dispute the line item. If they ask for proof of it being paid you can upload a copy and they will either update the records or delete the negative trade line.

look up Fair Debt Collections Practices Act via google and check your states consumer laws on debt reporting and debt collectors.

Re: Stay far, far away from this company unless you like false promises and never-ending battles.
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi FlatLined75,

As this is a peer to peer support forum, you will need to contact Verizon directly for assistance. We have sent you a private message with contact information for a dedicated specialist who is able to help with a resolution of your issue.