Verizon Credit Agency Dispute Past Bill

As a Verizon cell phone and cable customer, I was set up for "one-bill". After many years I contacted Verizon to stop the one-bill because I switched cell phone companies.   I received a final bill and paid it.  A little while later I was charged additional money on my credit card as though I had never cancelled cell service.  I disputed it with my credit card company showing that I paid it.  The credit card company ruled in my favor.


About a month later, I receive a call stating I still owe on my bill.  I asked to be sent a “final bill” again showing what I owe and how Verizon came to that conclusion.  I was told that a new final bill cannot be made and I would have to just look at the old bill. 


After much back and forth between Verizon wireless and Verizon FIOS they could not tell me how I owed the money, just that I did and needed to pay.  At one point I had two representatives arguing with each other, one stating I don’t owe any money while the other stating I do. I taped my conversation between them arguing the validity of my bill.


After they were unable to show me what and how I owed AND one of their own reps telling me I don’t owe anything I assumed Verizon figured it out.


About two months later I receive a call stating its a collection agency for Verizon and that I have a past due bill, I was stunned. In order to move forward and stop the harassment I paid, big mistake.


Verizon unfairly reported me to the credit agency anyway and  now my credit score has taken a huge hit.  I’m looking to refinance my home and Verizon’s negative reporting may cost me a bundle due to higher interest rates because of my lower credit score. 


In all my years with Verizon Wireless and FIOS, about 20, I never missed a payment. I hope Verizon can help me resolve this issue by removing the negative remark from my credit score. How can I start the process to have this investigated properly and removed from my credit report?  


Thank you

Re: Verizon Credit Agency Dispute Past Bill
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As this is a peer to peer support forum, you will need to contact Verizon directly for assistance. We have sent you a private message with contact information for a dedicated specialist who is able to help with a resolution of your issue.

Re: Verizon Credit Agency Dispute Past Bill

The problem here is after you won the credit card dispute, you need only have the copy from your credit card company showing it in your favor.

you should have never paid the collection agency under any circumstances. You should have as under the fair debt collections practices act

Simply asked for PROOF of the debt. While this was done Verizon could not report you as delinquent . You may have done harm via paying. It would look like a valid debt.

you could go to each credit bureau and dispute the trade line. This may get you back on track. But if they investigate and the collection agency or Verizon states you actually paid it will reage to be on there another 7 years. 

You could write a letter of explaining the situation I think 100 words or less. However it may also do more harm than good.