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Why lie?!

I called Verizon on Monday 1/8/18 to let them know I would need to move my services because I am in the process of buying a house and I would closing on Friday 1/12/18. On Wednesday 1/10 I called back because the closing wasn't happening on Friday as planned. I informed the service rep that I needed my services to stay the same and in the same location because I would still be there. She informed me this would not be a problem. On Saturday 1/13/18 I wake up and put the television on and lo and behold no service! I call them at 8: 17 a.m. I speak to a rep who tells me that because on his end the account is closed, the only way to re-open it (which it shouldnt have been closed because the services were being moved) was to run a credit check. I then ask to speak to a supervisor. After being placed on hold I was told that the supervisor was busy and would tell me the same thing he told me. I was less than enthused with this answer but he was polite . I've never missed a payment and at this point I even have a credit on my account. For those of you who have bought homes, you know that you shouldn't have any hard inquiries right before your closing. So I told him just to leave it alone and I would figure something out.  After being out all I day, I decided that I didn't want to accept the aforementioned response so I called back at 5:41 p.m. I was on the phone with a rep who said she saw no notes of either of my previous 2 phones only the one from that day. At this point I had already been on hold waiting for a rep for an hour. I was furious. I then said I wanted to speak to a supervisor. I finally got on with a supervisor who I explained my issue to and explicitly told her I did not want to have my credit ran. She told me that this was not a problem and she went on to speak with technical support who got me set up. That phone call lasted 2 hours and 57 minutes! It was only that short because once the nice techinician from Syracuse (who was almost at the end of his shift but still made sure I was up and running) got me set up I couldn't stand to be on the phone any longer. I received an email today letting me know that Verizon had run my credit after I explicitly told them not to and was assured it wouldn't happen. My question is who do I send this complaint to? I've never had a problem with Verzion (I'm a fairly new customer) so I can't understand how such a mix up like this happened and how when asked I was blatantly lied to. 

Re: Why lie?!

The crux of this issue is your credit was ran. They don’t need your permission since it’s part of getting service. Most initial credit checks are hard hits. They stay for 2 years.

since you state you are a fairly new customer there is already a hard credit check on there. I would not let it bother you.

you are closing on a home the initial paperwork and checks have already been done.

so stay calm. When we closed on both our homes it was no issue with inquiries but large purchases like boats and cars etc. before closing will affect the process.

not a Verizon inquiry for phone, internet service.

Re: Why lie?!
Community Manager
Community Manager

This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.