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discrepancies on policies around moving and early termination fees ...

Verizon had a top-line revenue of $30B in 2012 for the first year in its history. Isn't it about time the company considers dropping its illogical and inconsiderate policy around moves and residential service early termination fees? As of today, if FIOS customers relocate to areas with no available FIOS services there is what seems to be a new hardline policy that the early termination fee (ETF) needs to be enforced, despite the relocation being outside of the customer's control.

I've been a FiOS customer for the most part of four years and no doubt the technology is great; I even recently upgraded to the super-fast 150/50 quantum service. However Verizon's shady customer service and deceptive communication will make me think long and hard about being a customer of Verizon's ever again.

During signup and recently during an account change, I specifically asked the agent if there was an ETF when moving to a residence without Verizon services. I was quickly told if relocating to an area outside of Verizon's coverage the ETF would naturally be waived. I did not question this confirmation because I needed to relocate a few years earlier and Verizon dropped the ETF without a problem. Lesson learned: get it in writing if its contrary to your terms.

Flash forward to today and when it ends up that I need to move (outside of my control) and the new location does not offer any Verizon services, I call and let the agents know of the situation. As you can predict, I am now told the ETF is required no matter of situation (other than being deployed with the military) I am soon speaking with a billing dept supervisor and am told there is nothing he can do even when two agents told me something different as recent as three months ago. Thats convenient! John also tells me there is no one else I can speak with. How about this guy?

Lowell C. McAdam of Mendham NJ? I believe he may be your CEO.

Its really too bad that it seems Verizon is in it for the one night stand vs long-term relationship. I am still hoping thats not the case and there is some decency left in corporate america....somewhere....between the dollar bills.

Take heed people of the internet. Take heed.

Re: discrepancies on policies around moving and early termination fees ...

I too encountered the same issue today when calling in to arrange a home move. I was told that only a partnered DirecTV service will be available but phone and internet will not be in the area I will soon call home.

Naturally, the only option available was to terminate my service. Since I am currently on a bundled FiOS plan with 10 months remaining, I will have to pay an Early Termination Fee or an ETF as they like to call it of $100.00. I truly like the FiOS service. Television has been reliable. Internet reliable and my seldom used land-line reliable.

I find it truly poor that when a move is necessary and Verizon does not offer service that they deem it necessary to enforce an ETF without considering any mitigating circumstances.

I'm calling in to inform my electricity, gas and water providers of my upcoming move tomorrow. I do hope they don't have an ETF too...Well these are tough, financial times in which we live!?!

Anyway, just my two cents. I know the person moving in has already provisioned the FiOS service for our move out date. Not a bad $100.00 profit Verizon....and no doubt they will be paying for service activation also. Cha Ching all the way!

Re: discrepancies on policies around moving and early termination fees ...

I am in a similar boat.  Was a very happy FIOS customer (TV/Internet) for a year and then moved to a home in an area not serviced by FIOS.  I was told I'd be charged a $140 ETF.  I complained that this seemed unreasonable since they cannot offer me service in my new home and asked to speak to a supervisor.  The agent told me a supervisor will call me (riiiiiiiight), but that their policy is not to waive the charge.   

I used to rave about FIOS, but now I will simply tell my friends/family that I no longer recommend the service due to this policy.  This is the same reason I don't purchase VZN's wireless service.  They generated almost $3 billion in revenue from FIOS in Q1 3014.  I guess this is how they accomplish that.

They won't be seeing my subscriber dollars again, even if they do offer service in my new location.