Connecting Device with Static IP Address Outside of Verizon MI424WR Subnet

I have a car cam (BlackVue DR500GW-HD) that has a Wi-Fi access point connection accessible from an iPod or laptop wirelessly with the static IP address of / subnet mask

Rather than using a laptop or iPod, I want to be able to connect to it with any computer on my network through a wireless client.  The car cam’s IP address cannot be changed.

To try to do this, I set up a TP-Link TL-WR700N as a wireless client with a local address of  The TP-Link wireless client is connected by wire to a Linksys WRT54G with a local address of set up as a switch in my garage.  The Linksys switch is connected by wire to the Verizon MI424WR. 

With this set-up, if I set a computer on the home network to have a static IPv4 address of, and default gateway of (the static IP address of the car cam), the computer can ping and Telnet into the car cam. 

But, that computer with the static IPv4 address of, and default gateway of cannot at the same time access the internet nor any of the other computers on the network.  I would rather not have a dedicated computer just for the purpose of transferring files from the car cam to the computer but would like for any computer connected to the network access the car cam at leaving the computer's address and gateway to be dynamically assigned by the Verizon MI424WR so it can also access the internet. 

I have tried just about everything I can think of or read about port forwarding or static routing with the Verizon MI424WR with no success.  I also tried changing the Verizon MI424WR router to use as the subnet and that seemed to screw up everything else I had connected.  I tried giving the Verizon MI424WR router a subnet mask of to span eight subnets and that also did not seem to work. 

So, is there a way to set up the Verizon MI424WR router, or the possibly the Linksys WRT54G that is now set up as a switch, to allow any computer on my home network to access the car cam with the address of which is an address not on the Verizon default subnet? 

Thank you for any help that can be given. 

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