Kodak 2170 wireless printer
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Hey I just purchase a Kodak wireless printer. Which is connected to my Actiontec MI424WR Fios, with an IP address of I'm able to print from my desktop which is connected to the router via cat5 cable, and I can print from my laptop the same way. But if I disconnect the cat 5 cable on the laptop and connect wireless. The print shows as disconnected. MY kids IPAD is the same. She see the printer as disconnected. I also find that my laptop can not ping the IP addresses  of the other devices that are connected to the router wirelessly. And of course Verizon's says. Since  each devices can get to the internet, they don't see a problem.  Anybody run into this before?  

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Re: Kodak 2170 wireless printer
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Does the printer have a static IP address?

There are times when routers renew a lease and assign a new IP when operating as a DHCP. Examples of devices that should have static IP addresses are: Servers, Printers, Switches, Hubs, Access Points...

While both the printer and the desktop are connected to the router using cable...

Log into the router to confirm the printer's IP address (

Log into the configuration page of the printer using your web browser.

Change the TCP/IP setting to manual and configure the following:

IP address:

Subnet Mask:

Default Gateway:

Save settings.

Reboot both the printer and the router.

Log into router.

The printer should now be showing as having a static IP.

Log onto laptop.

Open a CMD line.

Ensuring the printer is powered on... you should now be able to preform a ping.

Confirm OS's printer settings... IP printing to

Test print.

This typically solves the problems of printers on DHCP routers.