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DLS Service Interruptions

I have been experiencing frequent interrputions of DSL service for about a year.  (Frequent disconnects and/or the inability to get out onto the Internet).   

Verizon comes out, They check my line integrity and physical connections (which typically prove to be fine), then "rebuild" my account and get my line working again,  The fixes are only temporary, and within a month and a half to two months, my internet connectivity sputters for a week and then becomes very bad and unusable again.  Of course, I have to go through a tedious litany of voice mail holds, day(s) off  from work to meet with field techs at my house, have Verizon network techs fiddle with my Verizon account, etc until my connection is "fixed" again.   

I have tried new modems (from Verizon), etc. without any luck in solving these problems.  No problems have ever been identified at my end by myself or by Verizon field techs.   It seems to be some sort of a configuration issue at Verizon's end that is behind all of this.

Anyone have an idea of what is going on here?   This process is getting tiring, and quite frankly it is getting expensive in terms of losing time from work to deal with these issues repeatedly....

Thanks for any insights that anyone can provide.


Re: DLS Service Interruptions


Went through the exact same frustrating problem you described, including the innumerable technicians coming to my home. All to no avail. 

The problem was remedied, but only temporarily, when it dawned on me that my table model CD stereo system, sitting six inches away from the modem, was emitting signals that interfered with the modem even when CD system wasn't turned on, playing. I disconnected the CD stereo system and then had no problem with internet connection and speed for several months.

But, now I'm having DSL service interruptions again every time my telephone rings. I suspect the problem this time is related to the new telephone I recently installed several months ago that has the "Dect 6.0" newly available frequency band. The DSL interruptions stop when I unplug the phones.