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Does Verizon have any repair personnel in the state of WV

I ask because my neighbor and I both have been trying to get our phone lines repaired for several weeks.  Verizon apparently has no local repair personnel in Spencer WV, nor anywhere in the surrounding counties, so Verizon has repeatedly sent out of state repairman who have no clue about how to find the phone lines on the outskirts of Spencer. 


Admittedly, several out-of-state repairmen have actually managed to find Spencer and our houses, but since the phone lines that service our houses run down a different road on the other side of town, they have simply declared they don’t know the area will enough to find the lines and left (one even refused a map and an offer from my neighbor to serve as a guide).


Two days ago, after several more phone calls (and many more hours wasted on hold at my neighbor’s house when I really need to be out working) I managed to beg long and pathetically enough to be allowed to talk to a supervisor.  The person I was talking to kept wanting to have a supervisor call me back the next day, to which I had to repeatedly explain that no one could call me back because our phone line is completely dead shorted out, no dial tone, busy when people try to call, and that while the phone that I was using could still (barely) make outgoing calls, that it could not receive incoming calls because of corrosion in his line (i.e., rings and then switches to fast busy if you try to call my neighbors number).  Duh…


The nice supervisor guaranteed me he would have someone here yesterday, and that he would personally insure that Verizon sent someone capable of finding Spencer and the phone lines around Spencer.  He gave me his personal number and claimed he would stay on top of the issue until my phone was repaired, and that he would update me via email since both my phone and my neighbors phones are out and the next nearest neighbor is a mile away (fortunately I have satellite internet).


Needless to say, no repairman showed up, and I received no email explanation.  Fortunately, as I wasted another day waiting for Verizon to arrive, I had a visitor with a cell phone, so I called the supervisor to ask what was up (mid afternoon Friday) but got his voice mail, on which I left a message again asking for communication via email about when a repair person would show.   Apparently the supervisor was already gone for the weekend.


So I have to wonder if Verizon has any repair personnel in WV, not to mention why Verizon is spending so much money hiring crowds of actors to pretend to be support personnel in commercials when Verizon should spending that money by hiring actual support personnel??


I guess the next step is to begin petitioning the public utilities commission to revoke Verizon’s monopoly on phone service in Spencer and open the area to a company that can actually provide service…

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Re: Does Verizon have any repair personnel in the state of WV
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Hi there

I can offer you this from another post:

If you're in a FIOS area, repair # is 888-339-7333,

If you're copper, I have ...

WV # 800-275-2355

Re: Does Verizon have any repair personnel in the state of WV

Last night a water main was leaking in my nieghbors yard. The water works company came out and repaired the leak, but in the process they cut our phone line. This morning we called Verizon which took while with the automated phone machine to get my point across. Finnally I got a real person to tell what my problem is. You would not believe that they said they would send some one out in two weeks, I said you got to be crazy, you mean, you cant send anyone sooner'? So I went round and round trying to explain how important my phone is and how many international calls I make and its part of my livelihood. I use my home phone to close most of my deals. This company could in up bankrupting my business wait this long for a repair man. We all should be forewarned. Good luck