FIOS Phone Service - Backup Battery for Phone Service

When approached by Verizon reps to switch fo FIOS, I was told more than once that the battery provided by Verizon for the phone service was good for 8 hours of talk time.  I had an old phone that could be used with "regular" Verizon service in the event there was a power outage and I was concerned about losing that capability.  The two reps kept assuring me that it was 8 hours of talk time so I agreed to make the switch to FIOS for TV, Internet, and phone. 

During our recent snowstorm (VA), I lost power.  After about 8 hours,  I also lost my phone.  No, it did not last for 8 hours of talk time.  It would take me a long time to use up that kind of time. 

So, either the Verizon reps misrepresented the battery capability for phone service or the battery is not functioning as advertised.  Has anyone else had this same experience?  If so, what did Verizon tell you?


Re: FIOS Phone Service - Backup Battery for Phone Service
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Hello is-it-just-me...I apologize that two of our reps stated that our batteries hold their charge for up to 8 hours of talk time, that is incorrect. Once power goes out the battery kicks in and will hold its charge up to 8 hours. Not 8 hours of talk time. Over time (months, years) the battery will slowly lose it 8 hour capacity which is why we say up to 8 hours.