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Home Phone

I Just want to make a suggestion to Verizon, and hope it is noted, and do hope verizon listens to customers, as you see in the fios tv ads, when the cable guy ask( why are we listening to customer seems dum)... 

I want to suggest with cell phones, and hard economic times, that verizon should start offering flex pay, or prepaid sevices for home phone, and maybe other services, other then just cell phones....  I am not alone, when paying monthly for services, can be tough, but offering perpaid with no commintments. Could give somone that wants home phone, internet, tv or other services the option to pay for services when I can afford them... and feel guilt free when they can't.

I also think verizon could make a mint if this option is offered, because I know many like I, will go without, before committing to a contract in fears of losing a job, or not having the money to pay for it, and have to worry about early termination, late fees, ect.

I know they could may make a mint in late fees, ect. but may fine they could make up the money with flex, or prepaid is offered, because many like I, would jump on this option.