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How much longer will Verizon Call Assistant or voice mail access from Internet be down?


About two weeks ago I signed up for Verizon Call Assistant,  I then tried again later because it continued to advertise on my Verizon account page to order it free.   Eventually I discovered the voice mail icon, but every time I click it, it say's

Error Unable to process your request. Please try again later.

Well it's been well over a week and I still get that message. 

My fine print to Verizon:  It's odd I've been getting really bad service lately on my phone with Verizon (voice mail pass code keeps resetting, call forwarding not working) good thing is my term is almost up!   If Verizon doesn't get on the ball, I'm switching service and probably save lots of money too.  The current deal Verizon has for NEW only customers is $60 less than I'm paying a month so by staying with them I will end up paying an extra $720 a year! 

Re: How much longer will Verizon Call Assistant or voice mail access from Internet be down?

I tried to enable my Verizon Call Assistant using the URL below

I get the following error

We are sorry. You have not ordered Verizon Call Assistant,         
or your order has not been processed yet.

 If you have already ordered Verizon Call Assistant, you will
receive an email notification when the order has been 

If you have not yet ordered Verizon Call Assistant, please 
contact the Verizon Business Office.

I've tried to order it 3 times already and now discovered that every time you order it, your voice mail password get's reset!  

I called in to Verizon earlier today and they said I needed to reset my phone to be "Voice 1 point"  which they said was free.  Anyhow I'm at a friends house now and my home number is out of service 😞  ... well it say's you must dial a 1 or 0 before calling this number.  Since I live in an overlay area, I already have to dial the 1 and area code anyhow.  I am calling using NetTalk though, maybe they can't call 310 numbers 😕