No dial tone with 6.0 Dect telephones

Presently have AT&T cordless phones 5.8 GHz which work in my home. Tried getting new cordless phones AT&T 6.0 dect but they will not work.(actually purchased several because I thought it was the telephone).  Also the 6.0 phone has no dial tone at the nid.  Have dsl on same line and it continues to work.   Can someone tell me what could be causing this situation. I have tried going through repair but was told it was not a verizon problem.  I'm really confused.  If that's the case when the batteries go bad on present phones, I will not be able to replace with the updated phones. Thanks for any input..

Re: No dial tone with 6.0 Dect telephones
Master - Level 3

If you have a phone that does work in the house, then Verizon is obviously sending a telephone signal down to the. There is likely some initial setup for the phone that is not being completed correctly since multiple phones of this type have been tried. Please contact the tech support group for the phones for assistance in initial configuration.