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Phishing attempts on my Landline phone 4 times on Saturday ,January 16,2016.  Asia accented man saying that he knows that I have been having certain difficulties with my Windows system computer connection and he is from Microsoft and has been called in to help me get things straightened out!!  What??? He will be checking out my Microsoft Windows PC operating system!!! I said I needed the number of his California business location and he said of course, and gave me this number to call to check matters out.  One hour later I called this number {edited for privacy}) asking for him, {edited for privacy}, and guess what...his Head department Senior Advisor had exactly the same voice!!! Verizon has my computer line and my home phone line under their control and to whom every month I make huge payments. So shouldn't you catch this annoyance!

Re: PHISHING Attempt
Super User
Super User

As far as know Verizon does not currently do any automatic Phone Phishing blocking.

For some services, e.g. FIOS, they allow you to manually block some numbers.  They also have service offerings to block anonymous calls.

If your service supports simultaneous ring, again FIOS Digital Voice does, you can try NOMOROBO's free service (