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I recently moved and have had FiOS installed at my new location (not a previous FiOS customer).  I got the TriplePlay package and I am trying to port my phone number from my old house to my new house.  My local service was through ATT at my old house, but before that I had service with VZ with that same number at the same house.  I am told the phone number has already been ported from ATT, and assigned to my account.  Now VZ is telling me that it can't be assigned to my equipment because I am located in a different "rate center".  I have moved far enough away to be in a different CO, but I thought with FiOS phone that would not matter.  If I were getting traditional POTS, I can understand the limitation.  I currently just get a busy signal when I pick up the phone at home, or call the number from my cell phone.

Does anyone know if there are limitations with porting landline numbers?


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For POTS service those limitations definitely exist (as well as regular FTTP phone service over Fios).   Not sure about if the restriction exists if you use Digital Voice over Fios instead which is a VoIP service and this not subject to tarifff and several other restrictions.

Other option -- non-verizon -- would have been to not go with triple play (no phone from Verizon) and instead have moved your number to a different VoIP provider (like Vonage, PhonePower, etc. -- there are numerous ones).   These providers will let you choose are number from anywhere you like as well as port in a number.   Verizon's Digital Voice competes in this space so that's why I suspect their offering may not be subject to the restrictions either.   

Probably should start with customer service and ask if you could do the port and have service provided if you went with Digital Voice in your triple play instead of regular phone service over FiOS.   It's technically a different offering, but functionally equivalent with the exception that you may lose phone service if your power goes out or the internet goes down.