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Reconnecting to Verizon

I ported my number away from Verizon a few weeks ago but kept DSL which they did by giving it a new number. Now I decided to go back to Verizon. I had to wait over 2 weeks for installation and then was informed that it failed because my number was not released yet so I have to wait 10 more days. Since they were planning to reconnect to my old number they disconnected my new number with DSL so now I don't have DSL either. Then a day later I noticed my modem blinking normally so I tried IE and I was connected to internet. Then I tried my phone and it works and people I call see my old number on caller id. But no one can call me.

My guess it that the installer had everything connected properly but the number was not available. Then, when the carrier I am leaving let go, Verizon computers picked it up and my phone and DSL began working. However since Verizon does not have me as active I can not get calls. If this is true  can Verizon fix this without sending someone to my house. Or should I just wait till they get here which is another week.

Re: Reconnecting to Verizon
Master - Level 3

Thats because the number isn't porting. Porting allows when someone to call your number, that its routed to Verizon and then to your house. A tech does not have to come out there. When the porting process is finished, calls will be routed to your house.