no dial tone but internet

This weekend we lost use of our phones (they say "no line" and have no dial tone). I borrowed a working phone, in case there was a problem with ours - it worked in none of the jacks, but it worked in the NID jack. We still receive internet from our modem, although we do sporadically loose our wireless connection. The modem is plugged into a jack that didn't work with the phone.

Re: no dial tone but internet
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it sounds like your modem is hooked up to what would  be a second line. (i bet your designated DSL # and ur home # are different.)

If your first line isnt working but it is in the NID that means that theres a problem with the wiring on the inside.

have someone check it that you know.

If you need VZ to come out and you DO NOT HAVE the Inside Wire Maintainence Plan it WILL BE 91$ for first half and hour and 46$ each half hour after that.(800-483-1000 Repair)

or you can add the IWMP Alternative plan one time cost of 39.99 (i think? i know im close) plus a 10 month commitment of 5.99/mo (or 6.99 depending on region) to help cover the expenses to not be SO expensive.

After thats all done, bundle your internet with ur home line so you can get discounts. (800-VERIZON)

like i said, i bet they're different! ^_^

Hope this helps