This post addresses telemarketing to Verizon customers who already have unlimited long distance plans with Verizon like Freedom Essentials, which I finally have again after 4 months of theft from USBI and much tedium.

My husband was telemarketed very deceptively by USBI to become out Long distance carrier. My husband did not set up the account and although I had told him we had unlimited long distance he must have forgotten. The telemarketer acted like they had inside knowledge of our current account set up with Verizon and assured him our charges there would be less charges.

I immediately caught it but it has taken 4 months to get the service switched back and wait for the final bill. I was told by USBI to ask what the portion of the unlimited long distance charge amount is specifically on my bill. I was very explicitly instructed by Verizon this amount is $7.97. However the "supervisor"  fro USBI was very rude and said she was told by her contact at Veriaon the amount is more. She did not know how much more but they would still charge me $20 dollars a month for services from them for the months with them.

As one can understand I feel that Verizon should not give my information to a Long distance telemarketer when I already have service with them especially for unlimited long distance. I do not know if I allowed my information to be released. If I did I did not intend to and would like to have that ability revoked. I also think it would serve the customers to look at this globally in their processes and protocols.  I would also like Verizon to contact this company and update the amount customers are charged each month for unlimited long distance under diff plans so that other customers might not be ripped off.

I am vverry displeased with the confidentiality of my contact information provided to USBI and would like this information protected.

Please contact me either via email or phone {edited for privacy}