Does the FIOS G1100 Require Both Ethernet and Coax ?

I do not have TV services, only internet, but noticed the router and modem don’t connect via the Ethernet cable at all (I removed it as a test). They connect via the coaxial when router indicator light acknowledges the WAN and internet. How do I change it to just the Ethernet cable?

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Verizon Customer Service can remotely swing the Internet from the coaxial cable to the Ethernet port on the ONT.

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Do you have LAN Coax LED lit near the coax port? If not, it is safe to remove the coax wire after contacting a CSR to switch you from WAN MoCA to WAN Ethernet. You don't need to call in, just use the chat feature on the corporate website. Just asking Fios technical support, ONT link conversion to Ethernet.