150/35 Internet in existing MDU ONT building

I live in a condo building where FiOS is available, however, the fastest plan offered is 50/10. I'd like to get away from cable internet and switch to FiOS, but I require the 150/35 plan (without TV). My building is on GPON (as is the surrounding area), so the 150/35 should be available.  Incidentally, I have a FiOS account at work with 35/35 (with up to 150/35 available) and my office uses the same CO as my home.  

I've tried to purchase the 150/35 FiOS plan, but they tell me it's not available at my address. After some research, I learned that my building has an MDU ONT and maxes out at 50/10 (due to the VDSL2 modem in the ONT).  TV is delivered over coax and internet over phone line.  Curiously, the building is only wired for Cat5e and coax (no inside phone wiring).  It appears that the VDSL2 connection to the MDU ONT is made by taking a pair from the existing 4-pair Cat5e and running the connection over that (which makes little sense to me).  In any event, all of this means that I am unable to order the 150/35 tier.  

I'd like to get an SFU ONT installed either in my unit or in the demark (in the basement) so I can take advantage of the 150/35 tier. My building is already pre-wired for Cat5e (not used for anything currently) and coax running from demark to each unit.  The process should be very simple.  Just take an existing fiber from the MDU ONT, put it in a new SFU ONT and connect the Cat5e run from my unit to the SFU ONT.  How can I get this done?  How do I get my own SFU ONT?

Unfortunately, the folks at Verizon who answer the phones rarely know what an MDU ONT or VDSL are, so asking them about this has yielded nothing so far. On one occasion, the rep taking the order was able to get an engineer on the phone and the engineer basically just told him they wouldn't do it for me.  The rationale was this: the building already had an MDU ONT, so she didn't want to put an SFU in -- end of discussion.  The rep told me privately that the engineer didn't want to do the SFU ONT because it would make her look bad (because VZ had already spent $5,000 on an MDU ONT).  Frankly, this isn't a good reason to say no.

Regardless, my aim is to get the fastest internet tier on hardware that is (at least somewhat) future-proof so I can get faster speeds in the future.  On the current MDU ONT, that is not possible because the VDSL2 modem is already maxed out.  I am willing to defray some or all of the cost VZ would incur installing an SFU ONT for me.  That said, I don't see any reason why VZ would not want to do this.  From a business perspective, there is no downside, especially if I'm willing to share the extra costs incurred as a result of my request.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.  I love FiOS at work and I'd love to have it at home as well.  There must be a way to get this done, but so far I've been unable to reach someone who can make it happen for me.