Actiontec M1424WR Printer Sharing and File Sharing - Easy Fix
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I just went through a lot of effort to configure printer and file sharing with the Actiontec router. The fix that worked is incredibly easy. I am posting it in the hope that it will spare others from the pain.

Fix: Log into your router (hope you know how to do that). Select "Advanced" from the menu choices across the top of the screen. Under the "Toolkit" icon on the left of the screen, select "Restore Defaults". On the next screen, select "Restore Defaults". Do NOT select "Save Configuration File". The router will reset. You will need to manually setup your password and wireless network again. I can't explain why this worked, but it did. As soon as I went through this, my 2 Windows laptop and 1 Mac laptop magically connected for printer sharing and file sharing. Incredible.

DO NOT use the physical reset button on the back of the router. I did this 3 times and it did not work. For some reason only the software reset works.

I hope this helps.

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Re: Actiontec M1424WR Printer Sharing and File Sharing - Easy Fix
Excellent post...thanks Greg it worked for me! My printer now WORKS!