After upgrading an HP AIO computer from 8.0 to 8.1 recieving SSL errors

After many days of researching the SSL error on https sites and trying about everything I read, I finally found the issue.  I have Zonealarm Suite installed as my firewall, AV, etc.

In Zonealarm I have always had a checkbox for IPv6 turned ON (checked).

For some reason, beginning with Win 8.1 AND the myriad updates that follows an 8.1 upgrade, I began getting the SSL errors on all websites that use HTTPS (including the verizon login site).

Once I went into Zonealarm firewall and turned OFF (unchecked) the "allow IPv6" checkbox, then rebooted, then went to verizon login.  Voila!  Everything works.

I publically apologize for the absurdities that I have muttered under my breath about everybody and everything even closely related to the issue.

I hope anyone that might be, or has experienced, the SSL error, will see this.