Brooklyn outage

Does anyone have any information at all on this mysterious Brooklyn area outage? 

We noticed shoddy connectivity on Thursday, 11/7/2013 around 7:00 AM EST.  We called and were told it was our modem (after a bunch of settings changes on the computer for static IP, which I am not happy about..and two hours on the phone) when it was likely an outage not the modem. 

This outage has been going on since Thursday...called on Friday, there's an outage to be restored by 1:00 PM on Saturday.  Called on Saturday, outage till 1:00 PM then 9:00 PM....Called on Sunday, outage till 9:00 PM....Called today (Monday) and the recording doesn't state there is an outage but when I spoke to a person, there's still an outage.

No explanation.  Does anyone know what is going on?  We have a business account in our home and this is affecting our operations!