Buffering issue

For the past 2 days, I have been unable to stream either music or video.  The buffering has become so bad it is unusable.  Prior to this I have had no issues, since verizon's executive offices interceded with the problems I was having several months agp.  I am not having disconnect issues or speed issues.   My connection speed it 3 mbps.  I only using one device at a time. tried Verizon's advice when I called techical support - turn off wifi and unplug any device that might connect via wifi and use only a wired device.  That advise did not solve the issue.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Internet use (other than streaming is fine.)  I have tried to stream music on my echo, which has always worked great - no go.  I tried youtube, amazon prime  and hbo go on my TV which is wired via ethernet to my modem, no go (pun not intended).  

Any idea why my connection may be beung throttled?  It really seems to me a bandwidth shaping issue, in which streaming content is being starved.  No I am not trying to stream more than one thing at a time.

Bit irratated because I am home for a couple of days and intended to catch up on a few programs and I enjoy listening to music while I am reading also, and I wanted to catch up on some reading, but I really can not stream at all.

Any advice?

Re: Buffering issue
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Could you provide a speed test of what you're currently receiving during these problem periods? Make sure no other device is using the bandwidth at your home. I'd suggest using http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest as a place to test against.