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CMR Claims Dept

We have been cleaning up in the front yard. I did call the 811 before we started this process to get the markings. During this process, the verizon Fios Cable that was lying 2" deep below the ground got cut. I called Verizon customer support--> the operator acknowledged that the cable should have been buried 8" below the ground and opened a workorder ticket to send the technician come over fix it.. After 2 weeks, i receive a bill from CMR Claims department for $375.45. The CMR departments says " there is no such requirement for burrying the cable below the ground." This is just ridiculous. I called verizon support and they have no idea about this bill and could not help. They tell me to contact the number on the bill. The CMR claims department are not quick and responsive in returning the calls. I have to wait whole day in getting the response. And this is after leaving 1-2 messages.


The verizon customer support says the charges like these that are made by maintenance/ repair department does not show up on my account. When i ask them the number of the appropriate department who i can talk, the reponse is call the number on the bill.

Has anybody gone through this situation. Does anybody have the Verizon Engineering/repair department or which ever department handles this kind of issues..

If there is no possibilities in resolving or reaching out the department, i'm planning to switch to different internet service provider who is offering the same speed internet for lot less money and i will recoup my loss if i ever have to pay verizon.

I have taken the pictures of the cut wire with a reference to how deep it was lying when we saw the wire.

Re: CMR Claims Dept
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi cjstotler,

Claims Management Resources (CMR) is a Verizon authorized vendor that provides invoicing services to recover Verizon’s cost to repair damage done to the Company’s facilities. This includes but is not limited to:
• Buried and Aerial lines
• Poles
• Conduit and vehicles
CMR can handle disputes of claims directly, and works with the local field office that performed the repair. If you wish to dispute a CMR claim, you may contact them by phone at 1-800-321-4158 or by email at

Re: CMR Claims Dept

Try the above websites. You must adjust your time zone since Virginia is EDT and OKLAHOMA is a different time zone to get a person on the phone.